Saturday, 13 July 2013

Unemployment & moaners!

All I've been seeing on my Facebook and Twitter timelines recently is all of my friends, who are all around 16, moaning about having to go to work. To me this is completely arrogant and ungrateful!! There are so many people out there who really want or need a job who can't get one... and yet they feel that they have the right to moan about having to go to a job that they applied for and they chose to do?!

Also, don't forget the fact that your boss can probably see what your putting on your social media because everything is pretty much publicised these days! I read about a girl not long ago who was employed in the police force and she wrote racist remarks on her social media which later got her fired! Shows how careful you have to be because literally everyone can see everything. My old school could see my Twitter profile and I often got called into the Headteacher's office for something that I'd written on there.

There's so many people out there who would kill for that job so don't take it for granted! Take me for example, I've applied for so many jobs this summer, about 7/8?! and I've been turned down for every single one. Gutted. I wouldn't mind but I need £500 for a skiing holiday that my best friend invited on in December and quite frankly, my parents haven't got 500 quid to just give away at the moment.

So yeah, if you have a job don't take it for granted. There are 2.51 million unemployed people in the UK right now who would do anything for your job so don't go putting anything stupid on Twitter because I'm pretty sure you're readily replaceable!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Beauty review! Maybelline and Barry M ♥

So today I went to town with my friend and I was feeling a bit down, so...what better way to cheer you up than a little bit of retail therapy?!

My two favourite shops are Boots and Superdrug...if I won the lottery, I think I would spent it all in those 2 shops! So first I went to Superdrug and my local store has a really good Barry M section which is where I get all of my nail polishes from. I LOVE the Barry M 'nail paints' because they are such good quality for such   a small price! They also have a huge range of colours and effects including crackle, texture, confetti, magnetic, glitter and gelly hi-shine. 

My first purchase was the Barry M 'Textured Nail Effect' Nail Paint in the colour 316 Kingsland Road. This is a baby pink colour which also has little gritty bits in it which makes it look like it is textured. It basically looks a bit like pink sandpaper but it does look really effective! This was £3.99 however it cost me £2.99 because I used 100 off my beautycard points at Superdrug...bargain!

Next, I went along to Boots and picked up the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in the shade '35 - On and on Bronze'. This, as you probably gathered, is a gorgeous, shimmery bronze Gel-Cream Eyeshadow. 

It's really easy to apply and has a nice, smooth texture to it. It works really well as a base eyeshadow because it lasts so long. However, if you're like me and you're not daring enough to be adventorous with your eyes then it looks great on the eyelid on its own! This cost £4.99 which I think is an absolute bargain for such a beautiful, good quality eyeshadow!

Donating to charity?

Today I went to the cinema with my best friend to see Despicable Me 2 (hilarious by the way) and we decided to do a spot of shopping in town afterwards to waste some was a beautiful day and we didn't want to spend it doing nothing! So as we were walking around town a man came up to us and it was obvious that he was a 'street fundraiser' - these are the people who walk around asking if you will donate some money to charity.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the work that all charities do and I have no problem with donating to charity! Me and my friend actually ended up donating £1 each to the charity that this guy was working for even though I don't actually know what charity it was! I know £1 isn't much but every little helps. The problem I do have is how 'in your face' these street fundraisers are! This guy literally would not stop following us around until we donated something and he kept asking us questions. I know these guys have to do some graft to get people to donate because that's their job and there's people out there who need this money but you have to give people their space!

I'm not in any way disrespecting these charities or the work that these people do because I think it is brilliant and so so kind, hence why I donated some money. But I just don't like feeling pressured by people to do something that I might not have wanted to do in the first place. Me and my friend are only 16 years old so I don't really think it's fair for people to go round pressurising teenagers to do things.

You're probably thinking - 'So why didn't you just say no?' I did! But the guy kept talking and talking so I had no choice! At the end of the day, I'm glad I did because I was having a rubbish day and donating kinda gave me a bit of a confidence boost knowing that I did something good to help if you're feeling down, why don't you donate to a charity of our choice? Whether its 50p or £50, every little helps!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


So this is my first ever blog and I'm not really sure what to write about. I created this blog after I had one of my little creative, life-changing moments that really serve no purpose, thinking that this could actually go quite well if I really tried. Whenever I'm alone i always end up talking to myself so I thought 'Why not convert them thoughts into typed words and share them with the world?!' Brilliant idea right? Original.

I love watching YouTube videos and after watching them for a good few years and sitting through a million 'Draw My Life' videos, I realised that most of them started out as bloggers. So here's me giving it a try. I tried making YouTube videos for a while but I have a really annoying voice so blogging is probably the better option...

My name is Georgia and the font I am writing in is called Georgia, ha.

Bye for now...